Rust is the mortal enemy of steel, and if steel surfaces aren’t correctly prepped and treated, flash rust can take hold and wreak havoc on the material. At ExpressBlast, we have numerous surface preparation products to ensure that your steel is built to last with salt remover treatments, surface passivators, and more.

Our rust inhibitor and salt ion remover products feature a more concentrated formula for more effective surface preparation as well as better coating adhesion when compared to dry blast coating. Our products are also eco-friendly, biodegradable, noncorrosive, and won’t leave a harmful residue after application like some competitors. With ExpressBlast, you can extend the life of the coating and prevent flash rust or corrosion from setting in and deteriorating your steel. Use Express Blast to ensure durability and longevity of applied coatings.

Remove chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates from surfaces with our soluble salt remover for a long-lasting and adhesive bond for applied coatings. Our products are safe, affordable, and most importantly, effective in prepping surfaces coating application.

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