ExpressBlast has various surface preparation chemicals to clean and prepare a surface for coating. Our chemical products both prevent flash rust and remove soluble salts in order to promote coating adhesion. Utilize a combination of ExpressBlast’s salt removing surface treatment and water-soluble rust inhibitor to ensure your materials are rust-free and your coatings last for the long haul.

First, abrasive blasting uses a controlled abrasive and compressed air to clean the surface of a material and leave a profile. Once it’s contaminant-free and clean, the material is ready for a water-soluble corrosion inhibitor, which protects the materials from corrosion for at least 72 hours.

Our water-soluble rust preventive products are eco-friendly, leave no residue, and promote coating adhesion for a strong and durable bond. ExpressBlast’s products will get your steel materials clean, prepped, rust-free, and ready for coating application in no time.

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