Learn how ExpressBlast can help you!

Who We Are

We are Express Chem, an Inc. 5000 company and manufacturer of industrial rust inhibitors and surface treatment products. We are based out of St. Louis, Missouri, and also offer specialized custom blending, solvents distribution, and much more. We offer various products—like flash rust preventers and pretreatment chemicals used in the blasting and recoating business—to protect your industrial materials and projects from corrosion and decay. And our relationships with national LTL freight carriers and bulk distribution can save you time and money on your next chemical purchase products ship the same day of the order.

What We Do

At Express Chem, we strive to consistently provide the best customer satisfaction as a surface passivator and blended chemical manufacturer, in the industry. We accomplish this by building long-term relationships with our partners, learning our customer’s specific needs, and consistently providing superior products, and on-time delivery. Our sole focus is ensuring that at the end of the day, you’re satisfied with our products and your building materials, projects, and equipment are protected and fortified to last.

Plus, our strategic distribution facilities in Missouri and Illinois feature a 1.1 million gallon bulk storage facility, a 14-car rail spur, and FDA and EPA-compliant manufacturing.