Materials, whether steel, wood, or anything else, can’t form a strong and durable bond when paint is present. To get rid of paint and contaminants from materials before reapplying, you’ll need an industrial paint stripper.

ExpressBlast has an assortment of industrial paint removers available to customers for various materials and applications. For example, automotive rims are painted with a more durable type of paint called “powder coating.” This type of paint is very hard to remove with abrasive blasting, but fortunately we’ve got you covered with our industrial paint remover. We have both a paste and liquid option depending on whether you prefer “dip” stripping or “application” stripping. Both products are industrial grade and will remove all types of powder coating.

Our chemical paint remover for metal can be used in various applications from automotive to industrial construction. Whichever way you put our product to use, the ExpressBlast industrial paint stripper can get the job done for a clean metal or wood surface.

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